1,125,000,000 DTR Burned

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Today marks one year since the first trades were made on Tokens.net exchange.
In the past year we have vastly improved our platform user experience, implemented new features and added various new trading pairs to our platform. Most of them were chosen by you, the community, via DTR Voice.

After a successful year and careful financial planning we have secured enough capital and made a decision to burn 1.125 billion DTR, representing 30% of total DTR token supply. The aforementioned portion of DTR issuance was reserved for future development and various business expenses.

This extraordinary burn event will take place one month from today, on May 27th, 2019. As a result of this transaction, the total DTR token supply will be reduced by staggering 1,125,000,000 DTR.

We heavily appreciate support from our ICO backers and clients who have believed in this project since the beginning.

Our team has ambitious goals for the future, as it is in our interest to continue delivering a superior cryptocurrency trading experience.
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