Once you start cryptocurrency trading, you start to build a portfolio of cryptocurrencies. To successfully keep track of assets, a program that enables you to follow the value of investments comes in handy. Portfolio trackers are apps that can be linked to your wallet and exchanges to display the most current data about the value of your assets. The best also include the 24h price change and have push notifications for fast reactions to the market.

Some exchanges already have a mobile app, that also makes for a great portfolio tracker, for instance, Tokens.net mobile app. It is a cryptocurrency trading platform app where registered users have access to the exchange wallet from which they can instantly trade.

If you own more wallets for cryptocurrencies and trade on more than one cryptocurrency exchange and you would like to have an overview of all your assets, we prepared a list of crypto portfolio trackers that Tokens.net team experts like.

What you should always look for is:

Secure app using 2FA.
Pleasing interface.
An extensive number of exchanges and cryptocurrencies in-app.

1. Delta

Crypto portfolio tracker with the best clear overview and unparalleled portfolio management features.
Your total portfolio balance is displayed at the beginning and it includes extra information, plus the trend of your cryptocurrency ventures.
Add cryptocurrencies to the watchlist, and Delta tracker will display the current prices, latest trend chart, profit or loss of your holdings and their team information and news.
Dig deeper and you will find detailed trading analysis of your trade history, including asset source, location, most used exchanges and recurring trades.
Their newest feature Advanced Metrics shows user tax ready figures such as realised & unrealised profit or loss, total cost basis & more.
Displays the health of your investment strategy with a personal crypto portfolio graph.
A great feature is that it can sync data across multiple devices and has a recovery code to retrieve the last portfolio state.
Includes all major cryptocurrencies plus over 7000 other altcoins. Shortly, the app will support other assets, such as stocks, ETF's, etc.
This portfolio manager has personalized notifications for your favourite assets - Delta Direct.
The free app is available for Android and IOS mobile devices and has a complimentary desktop version.
Download Delta & Follow DTR

2. CoinStats

Best all-around cryptocurrency portfolio tracker.
Tracks all your cryptocurrency holdings in one place.
It is personalized. Alerts you when there is some big news, so you always have the latest information about the market.
It is practical if you hold multiple portfolios and you maintain investing goals separately. It allows you to keep track of coins you’ve bought at different times or those you have for hodling and others which you have for selling, depending on the news.
It offers a CoinStats Insight, giving you an overview of what is occurring in the markets.
You can set up the tracker manually or by syncing your wallets and exchanges.
Very versatile and you can use it on IOS, Android, Web, macOS, Google Chrome extension, Telegram Bot or Apple watch platform.
Download CoinStats

3. Blockfolio

Best mobile portfolio tracker.
Track your funds’ performance with the longest-running cryptocurrency portfolio manager.
Easy to manage or discover cryptocurrencies by displaying the value of your assets across an unlimited number of portfolios.
To keep you informed you have a view of profit or loss trends, price candlestick charts, real-time order books and other market information.
For fast reactions to the market, custom price alerts notify you when a target price has been passed.
A popular feature of Blockfolio is Blockfolio Signal, an in-app notification system keeping you connected to the crypto ecosystem. Whenever your favourite cryptocurrency teams publish news about their coins, you get notified.
The app includes all major cryptocurrencies plus over 8000 other altcoins.
It is free, available for IOS or Android or as an add-on Slack.
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4. BitUniverse

BitUniverse is a portfolio tracker and Bitcoin trading bot at the same time.
This portfolio tracker is one of the first to enable auto-tracking your balance and profit for Ethereum and Bitcoin.
With the use of APIs, you can automatically record your crypto portfolios from exchanges.
If you are doing arbitrage, this platform emphasises arbitrage opportunities.
It has a very visual functionality to track your portfolio in percentage terms.
The special in-app feature is a Bitcoin trading bot called Grid Trading. A trading bot for a swinging market employing a strategy that profits from the sideways and current market conditions.
It is free and mobile-oriented.
Download BitUniverse

5. Investing.com

Best general market overview portfolio manager.
If you are a seasoned trader who likes to have an all-around view of assets, Investing.com is a portfolio tracker including not only cryptocurrencies but also other assets in the market.
The customized watchlist includes cryptocurrencies and stock quotes, commodities, indices, ETF bonds.
The drawback is the non-crypto oriented, high priced and allows access to personal data.
Get Investing.com

The reason for having a portfolio tracker is to follow your worth at all times. The cryptocurrency market is a multi-layered ecosystem dependent on many variables, and full-time traders need more than just a spreadsheet. Choose the best tool for portfolio tracking, so that your portfolio follows your trading strategy, has pieces of information from different sources and allows rapid reactions. And what the worth should be displayed fast with an overview of the situation

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Author: Tokens.net Team