Everyone who puts puts in a good word for Tokens.net deserves a reward. That is why we are introducing the Affiliate Program.

We launched an Affiliate feature that is built for all of you loyal followers and others who would like to promote Tokens.net great trading experience. Sharing your knowledge about Tokens.net trading platform will earn you bitcoin.


1. Register trading account on Tokens.net. If you already have one just sign in.

2. Enter Affiliate feature

  • Your affiliate code is pre-generated.
  • You can generate and manage separate affiliate links.

3. Share your link to onboard new users.

  • For greater success, share your referral link on several different channels and track which channel brings you the most.

4. Get paid daily in bitcoin.

  • For every trading referee, we pay a percentage of the collected fees back to you.
  • Payouts are unlimited and directly credited to yours Tokens.net main account.

What is special about it?

The default commission fee is 30%, one of the highest of all cryptocurrency exchanges. Commission fee ranges from 30% up to 50% depending on your DTR balance or Total account balance. The bigger is your total balance summed over all trading accounts, the higher will be the commission fee percentage.

You can share the percentage of your commission with your referees. The special feature is that you can set the duration period of a shared commission fee.

Unlimited payouts in bitcoin.

Why should you?

  • Tokens.net is a great cryptocurrency exchange. Letting people know about it is beneficial for everyone.
  • Staking sats. Receiving extra bitcoin is always nice.
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Author: Tokens.net Team