September 27, 2019

September Development Update

The development team added new service updates during the period between April and September 2019, disclosing all crucial development updates to the community and account users in the spirit of ultimate transparency and progress on the project.

Crypto Loan Service. In order to provide our users with the best cryptocurrency trading experience possible, we are pleased to add a feature to our platform that will enable every Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR) holder to pledge its assets in exchange for USDT or EURS tokens. Crypto Loan is an optional element that enables our platform to expand its set of options for cryptocurrency trading, making a go-to next-generation crypto-to-crypto trading platform. All account users may use their DTR units to unlock the Crypto Loan service, placing DTR as collateral in exchange for crypto loans in EURS or USDT.

Added Market Making Bot. Market Making Bot is the biggest and probably the most important feature that our development team enabled for all users of the trading platform. Previously, Market Making Bot was a special paid service offered by the exchange, but the team made an autonomous version of Market Maker to allow all users to take advantage of filling a position in the market through a bot service. Market Making Bot is designed to perform trades or sets of trades and every user can use this feature for free on every available trading pair.

Public Trading Pairs. Previously, all available trading pairs were displayed to account users only, having information on trading pairs available through logging in to personal accounts. With the latest update to, the team created public trading pairs, placing all listed trading pairs on the front page of the platform. This way, the platform is set to represent a more user-friendly environment with public trading pairs available without the need to log into your personal account. Users can now check prices, operate with order book, check the live price graph changes and access live trades without logging in.

Cryptocurrencies Page. For increased transparency and improved accessibility, the development team created a separate index page for all listed cryptocurrencies. This way, users are able to access and check all crucial and useful information and global data for a long list of available cryptocurrencies and digital assets.

ERC-20 USDT. We switched from OMNI Layer USDT to ERC-20 USDT (On Ethereum network). Decision was made based on user suggestions, faster and less expensive network transactions.

Translated Webpage to Multiple Languages. is an exchange with an international reach for cryptocurrency traders and investors and as the community is growing along with the rising interest in trading digital assets, the team decided to translate the webpage into multiple languages, with the intention of adding more supported languages over time while expanding exchange services globally.

Updated API calls and API documentation. The team have also updated existing API calls, additionally creating and adding several new APIs with updated API calls and documentation. The API documentation is consistent with industrial standards.

Added 13 new EURS Pairs. is one of the first exchanges to proudly offer EURS trading pairs on the trading platform. previously offered 5 EURS trading pairs, but now has 13 more pairs against EURS for a total of 18 EURS trading pairs available on the exchange platform.

New Cryptocurrency Added to the Platform With the general expansion of services and updated services, listed new cryptocurrencies on the exchange, welcoming Tezos (XTZ) alongside three new ERC-20 tokens, CargoX (CXO), FutouristToken (FTR) and Viberate Token (VIB). Available trading pairs for the newly added Tezos (XTZ) are XTZ/BTC, XTZ/USDT and XTZ/EURS. New trading pairs for ERC-20 tokens that were recently added are CXO/ETH, FTR/ETH and VIB/ETH.

April 19, 2019

April Development Update

Since our last development update we have added several new features and improved some of the existing ones. You can find a short recap of recent developments below:

Email withdrawal confirmations. When a withdrawal is requested we can now send you an email containing a confirmation link for withdrawal approval. This is a opt-in security feature and provides an additional safeguard.

Login from new IP. Whenever a login from a new IP address is detected, a notification email is sent out along with information that helps you determine if the login was legitimate.

Lost Two-factor authentication. We now have an automated Two-factor authentication reset procedure, which can be undertaken by clients with a low risk profile that have a verified phone number. For a minority of clients that fit a higher risk profile, a manual reset procedure will still be necessary.

Anti-Phishing message. This security feature can be enabled in the account settings on the platform. When enabled, a secret message, known only to you and, is added to every email sent out from It is now easier to tell the difference between real emails and scams, because legitimate emails will always contain the secret message.

Switch from ERC-20 Tether to Omni. We have decided to switch the Tether USDT cryptocurrency integration from ERC-20 to Omni due to a wider adoption rate amongst large exchanges.

Depth chart zoom has been added to the trade view.

Date range filter has been added to transaction history, trades and orders for viewing and for more precise CSV exports.

DTR destruction page has received a minor addition for tracking the current amount of DTR tokens scheduled for destruction.

Updated currency page. A new addition to our front page where you can find details about listed currencies you are interested in. From historical charts, detailed descriptions, global market caps, volumes, latest news from various external sources, and of course available trading pairs on platform.

DTR Voice. Our clients have voted for several new currencies to be added. ARCO, BNB, DOGE and BAT have been listed, while TRX is in the testing phase.

January 22, 2019

January Development Update

During the last development sprint we have made the following changes which we would like to point out for your convenience, performance improvement and enhanced security.

Access to listing pairs. We have enabled a direct link from Balances to the listing pairs. If you navigate to Balances, currency down arrows are hyperlinked. When clicked, a drop-down menu appears where you can directly navigate to the trading pair. This is a great productivity improvement.

Activity Log. Activity log is another security feature that provides a detailed report on your account use.

API Access IP Lock. Another security feature comes for our clients that use API to mitigate unauthorized third party access.

Export CSV. Withdrawal requests, network transactions, transaction history, trades and orders can now be exported in CSV format.

Fees Payments. If you navigate to Settings, under section Fees, you see your DTR holdings available throughout all your sub-accounts. If "Use DTR to pay fees" is selected then the system will subtract the corresponding amount of DTR from that sub-account when any trade is executed with your liability to pay fees. This only occurs when your DTR account covers the whole fee payment, no partial coverage is possible.

Hide Zero Balances. With growing number of listings hiding a zero balance feature was a natural step to manage your balances more closely. If you navigate to Balances, a check-box has been added "Hide currencies with no balance". If the checkbox is selected, only non-zero balances remain visible.

Market Depth Chart. We added Market Depth Chart to provide graphical representation of the order book for better user experience.

My Watchlist. Watchlist items can now be manually rearranged using drag and drop functionality for keeping your most preferred listing pairs on the top.

Sessions Monitoring. To improve the security has enabled sessions monitoring. If you navigate to Settings, under section Sessions, you see which devices are currently signed into your account, provided your operating system, browser, IP location and activity.

Withdrawal Label. Withdrawal label may be used optionally to add personalized memos. Some find it useful so we have added them.

Withdrawal Request Cancellation. If you swiftly change your mind or during the pending approval phase you may now cancel your withdrawal request. This is only possible until success system message in the status column is shown.

October 18, 2018

October Update - What Have We Been Doing

Five months ago we celebrated a great success with the launch of beta trading platform. The platform was built in just three months, an achievement that nobody believed would be possible. However, we dismissed the sceptics and delivered on our promises. The feedback we received from the community was very positive and although some minor corrections and updates were necessary the platform performed extremely well.

Public launch

Although QA underwent testing throughout all of its services we were occasionally caught off guard by the imagination of our customers who gave us immediate feedback regarding the ways in which they interact with the platform, observe process flows and understand its features and functionalities. This necessitated some minor touches, corrections and updates.

Three months following our beta launch we hit another important milestone. We opened our site to the public on 31 July 2018 and started accepting customers from all over the world. We have since been busier than ever implementing new features, new cryptocurrencies, strengthening our security and signing new business partnerships.

Stasis Euro (EURS) became one of the first marketplaces that implemented Stasis Euro (EURS) stable coin. This is an accomplishment we are extremely proud of as it proved how quickly and reliably we can respond to new market products and demands.

What have we been doing

We have been adding new currencies and opening new trading pairs on a weekly basis and will continue to do so in the future.

Unfortunately, we also had to make some sacrifices in order to achieve our objectives. Due to the current market situation we decided to postpone the delivery of our mobile app. We strongly believe that its launch at this stage would not add much value to the company. This is why we assigned all our engineers to work on the web platform.

What to expect

We plan to roll out DTR Voice system on 1 November 2018. On this date all our active clients will get 1000 DTR Voices deposited to their account. It will subsequently be possible to use DTR Voices to vote on future cryptocurrency listings and trade them on our platform. All proceeds derived from future sales of DTR Voices will be used to burn Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR).

We will finish our promotional period and start charging fees and burning DTR tokens on 1 December 2018. By that time we plan to have listed more major crypto currency pairs, starting with Monero (XMR) and Ripple (XRP).

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