First blockchain project in Germany which received a grant from the German Government. is a user friendly Distributed Computing Cloud based on BOINC which is using already existing hardware to provide computing power 75-90% cheaper than Amazon Web Services. Miners will receive 70% of the revenue for mining.

Project Highlights

Based on BOINC, the first blockchain project in Germany which received a grant from the German Government, partnership with big data centers, proven technology.

NUCO functions: People use our token to purchase computing power in

What is Nuco.Cloud?

The idea to came up because there was no user friendly and affordable solution to get computing power just on demand without monthly contracts. is based on BOINC the scientific computing cloud of the University of California, Berkeley. Compared to BOINC is much more user friendly and can be used commercially.

In 2018 was the first blockchain project which received a grant from the German Government. Our ICO raised around 2.5 mln EUR and we started a joint venture with Germany's biggest data centers to help biotechs and universities to fight Covid19. will go live in 2021, our second product (nuco.compute) will go live in quarter 4 2020. nuco.compute is the professional version of with more filters like latency, throughput, used hardware, location of the data centers, required data security certificates etc. Customers can purchase computing power in nuco.compute also in FIAT and NCDT. If paid in NCDT the customer will receive a discount of 20% compared to FIAT. Token can just be bought at exchanges, no more from So there will be no secondary market.

Compared to Amazon Web Services etc. and also nuco.compute will be 75-90% cheaper.

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