What is X8 AG?

The world is moving forward and the digital age is advancing. Whether you are interested in traditional asset management or the new volatile crypto markets, X8 AG AI is available to serve your preferences regardless of which market you are looking at. X8 AG is a Swiss-based company managing the first “value preservation” stablecoin X8currency (X8C).

“Our main motivation during the development of X8currency has been our belief that stable coins are essential for bringing the digital asset economy to life. Our unique FinTech background makes our stable coins also a very suitable investment for institutional investors and savers. Furthermore, we hope to help solving the problem of the unbanked people in order to ensure the inclusion of as many people as possible in the digital economy. Soon, X8 AG will also proceed with the listing of all its single-FIAT backed stable coins”
Francesca Greco, X8 AG Co-Founder and Co-CEO Zug.


X8C is a novel stablecoin backed by a basket of the 8 most liquid and convertible fiat currencies and signifies the benchmark for stability and safety. X8C is the settlement currency for transactions that require predictable conversion rates and low volatility while providing the highest levels of liquidity. Every X8C, a settlement token is 100% backed by a basket of 8 fiat currencies and for every settlement token minted, X8 AG will hold in Swiss custodian bank accounts the equivalent amount divided into the 8 most liquid and convertible fiat currencies. Furthermore, the 8 fiat currencies custodian accounts are segregated. The custodian accounts will be regularly audited to ensure full transparency and exact equivalence between the tokens in circulation and the fiat currencies backing them.

X8C is a key component for leveraging the advantages of DLT-based financial infrastructure, including transferring value more efficiently and protecting investors’ assets from the current market volatility and inflation. Its proprietary AI-based ARM (Automatic Reserve Management) system allows the strict management of the exchange risk between the fiat currencies and makes X8C the crypto haven.

X8C can also serve holders of highly volatile cryptocurrencies to freeze the value of their crypto assets during periods of high volatility while simultaneously avoiding the taking of the risks on any individual currency.

“The characteristics of the X8currency product beyond its main value preservation and stability capabilities are the originality of the X8 design and innovation built into it. As the architects at X8 AG we were driven by the goal to create something that has never been done before and to satisfy as many different users as possible. We are proud to have achieved this. The market will now have a product available that works just as well for a regular consumer in the new digital economy as it does for a banking institution that also wants to become a part of the digital future for example. Traders should also find X8currency as one of the most suitable products to use when they want to exit volatile market situations quickly”
Gregor Kozelj, X8 AG Founder and Co-CEO Zug

X8currency information:
  • X8C uses Risk Management AI developed over 10 years for traditional FinTech.
  • X8C’s non-leveraged reserves in top 8 fiat currencies provide unparalleled safety.
  • X8C’s fiat currency foundation enables any daily volume without affecting the price.
  • X8C’s Swiss architecture fully utilizes the advantages of the Swiss financial ecosystem.

Stablecoins are digital assets that can be pegged against any national currency. X8C acts as a bridge between other digital assets and all top global fiat currencies, increasing transaction ease and efficiency. X8C can be transferred in real-time, resulting in almost immediate settlement of transactions.

How to use X8C?

X8currency enables all the combinations for entry or exit for any investor or user. Crypto traders and speculators can use the X8C’s interface programmatically by sending their digital asset to the smart contract and convert ETH directly into X8C or vice-versa. Traditional users can move into X8C by depositing any of the 8 traditional fiat currencies in the basket and achieve broad and systematic diversification across all 100% convertible currencies plus gold.


Another product from X8 AG is X8X, a license token with the purpose to grant the user the access to various Fintech products developed from the company X8 AG and to unlock their extra benefits. In the category of the utility tokens, the X8X can perform some unique functions.

X8X license token is not designed as a stablecoin. The price of the X8X is determined in the free market influenced by the demand for X8 AG products and also by speculation.

X8X information:

  • A limited supply of 100M tokens.
  • Grants access to all Fintech products.
  • Ethereum based (ERC-20).
  • Swiss compliant utility token.
  • Several independent use cases.

How to use X8X

X8X license token already has several different use cases in the stablecoin and asset management segments. X8X is used in custom solutions business with X8 AG. Besides using X8X in stable and value preservation coin products like X8currency and the X8 Dollar, X8X license token also adds additional benefits to users, which decide to invest through asset management services of X8 AG's sister company Alpine Asset Management AG.

If the user buys the X8X on an exchange, like Tokens.net for example, the user can then vest an amount of X8X with X8 AG to obtain extra benefits from all of the currently offered products and services.

The future

Originating from investing intensively into R&D, X8 AG is carefully selecting their objectives and strategically aiming at being placed as one of the worldwide Fintech leaders in the long term. At the current stage, X8 AG research for long term development is focused on Multilateral Matching Engine, which will be based on ioNectar's professional portfolio risk management AI technology. X8products aim for the matching protocol to replace several elements that are the current standard in an exchange order book and also blockchain consensus processing.

The added value will be generated by technology development, the simplification of trading and investing, which will require significantly less effort by the investors to generate income from investments. Future decentralized network technologies should enable investors to automatically identify investment opportunities and connect to other investors in the network. Soon almost all of the investing and portfolio management process execution will be done by Artificial Intelligence technology. This AI will find compatible counter-parties in the decentralized network based on the match between the investment profiles and goals of various users simultaneously.

X8 technology will then execute the trades that match all stakeholders' interests. This decentralized network concept enables rich content, higher speeds and better cyber-security at the same time.

Further information about X8 AG products can be found on http://www.x8currency.com and http://www.x8ag.ch

Disclaimer: This document was prepared by X8 AG. This document may contain forward-looking statements and may be subject to change. The opinions expressed herein are those of X8 AG, its affiliates and partners at the time of writing. The document is for informational purposes only and contains general material. It is for use by the recipient only. It does not constitute any advice or recommendation, an offer or invitation by or on behalf of X8 AG to purchase or sell assets or securities. It is not intended to be used as a general guide to investing and should be used for informational purposes only. When making an investment decision, you should either conduct your own research and analysis or seek advice from an expert to make a calculated decision. The information and analyses contained in this document have been compiled from sources believed to be reliable. However, X8 AG makes no representation as to its reliability or completeness and disclaims all liability for losses arising from the use of this information.

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