Ripple’s XRP is one of the top-trading cryptocurrencies by market capitalization and as such is also a popular choice for making transactions, trading, and investing. XRP operates on Ripple’s blockchain and Ripple Net, the company’s network of partners backed by technology that's similar to blockchain, which enables fast execution of transactions and is most certainly one of the fastest digital assets in the market.

If you are buying Ripple’s XRP, you need to make sure that your XRP's are safely stored, which is why you need to choose a digital wallet that meets your needs. There are many types of digital wallets with different dev teams behind the development of digital storage for cryptocurrencies. Wallets are essential for managing XRP, and other cryptocurrencies, as Ripple’s is non-tangible just like other digital currencies.

Even though Ripple wallets are free, there is a requirement to have 20 XRP for booking wallet address. To not spend too many 20 XRP on multiple addresses, it is important to pick the best wallet the first time.

Mobile Wallets for XRP

Mobile wallets make a perfect choice for traders and XRP buyers who would like to get increased accessibility to their cryptocurrency funds. When you decide to go for a mobile wallet, unless you use an application from the crypto exchange that provides custodial services for your funds, you will be in charge of your own private keys. You need to make sure that you don’t share your private keys with anyone, and you also need to watch that you don't lose your private keys for whichever digital wallet you choose, as there is no central authority that can grant access to your wallet again if your private keys are lost or stolen.

Toast wallet

The Toast wallet is available for free download and makes no charges on operational costs. This mobile wallet is available for both Android and iOS operative systems, but it also has a desktop version supported on Linux, Mac, and Windows. There is also a browser version for Chrome. Toast is open-source and represents cross-platform safe storage of XRP. Toast is made to be fully secured and protected with strong encryption so that your XRP is safe. In addition, it is a user-friendly platform.

Edge Wallet

The Edge wallet allows users to directly access Ripple Net. There are versions available for both Android and iOS powered devices. Features like Password Backup and One Touch 2 Factor authentication increase the wallet’s functionality. The Edge wallet represents a free way to store XRP, and also stands as one of the safest mobile wallets for Ripple. Edge enables crypto to crypto and fiat to crypto swaps.

Atomic Wallet

With the Atomic wallet, you can exchange, manage, stake and buy around 300 different cryptocurrencies, including XRP. The wallet makes a safe and user-friendly storage for your crypto assets, in addition to having free download and servicing.

Desktop Wallets

Desktop wallets are forms of cryptocurrency software wallets for safe storage on your laptop and desktop computer. Many developers offer both mobile and desktop versions of their crypto wallets. Here are some of the best wallets for XRP.


Exodus is a beautifully-designed wallet supporting desktop and both mobile versions. Sending or receiving XRP is easy with XRP address or scannable QR code. Thanks to its design and ease of use, this wallet has become popular with cryptocurrency users since its release in 2015 as one of the first multicurrency crypto wallets. Exodus encrypts private keys and transaction data on your device and for your eyes only while offering other features like holding 130 cryptocurrencies and an in-app anonymous exchange. It is a very secure option with Trezor hardware wallet integration to store your XRP.


Coinpayments is a payment gateway accepting over 1,700 different digital assets, including XRP. Coinpayments is available on and supported by every commercial browser with fixed operational fees set at 0.5% on all exchanges and transactions.


Cryptonator is supported by all browsers and has developed versions for desktop and mobile operations. Cryptonator has competitive trading fees, enabling users to exchange XRP with 15 different cryptocurrencies. It also has strong encryption for the safe storage of XRP.

Hardware Wallets

Storing your crypto funds and XRP is safer offline, which is why hardware wallets are some of the top choices for the safe storage of XRP and other supported cryptocurrencies. With hardware wallets, you can recover your wallet data and private keys and safely store and manage your cryptos in a temper-free way.

Ledger Nano S

Ledger Nano S is a perfect way for safely storing your XRP units. This hardware wallet has a USB device-like design and comes with an OLED screen so you can manage your funds with increased accessibility and availability. The device can store your private keys offline, preventing your funds and passwords from being stored. Many wallets have limits for the number of cryptos you can store, while Ledger Nano S supports an unlimited number of XRP's and other supported digital assets.

Trezor model T

Trezor Model T is another great hardware wallet where you can store your XRP. Same physical functionalities as mentioned in a previously considered hardware wallet, Trezor device is capable of generating private keys and digital signatures offline in the device itself, making the device safer in case of a hack. The wallet interface allows the user to store, send and receive XRP by using nothing but the wallet.


When buying XRP, always make sure that the tokens and digital assets you are buying come from reputable and valid exchange.

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