is preparing to enter a new stage of development, with a new and better beginning. The new future for the platform and its users will begin today, bringing operative improvements, numerous benefits and new opportunities for DTR enthusiasts, holders and investors.

543,682,143 burn

To mark the new beginning for, we have gone through a new burn of 543,682,143 DTR tokens. With the latest burn event, a total of 1.75 billion tokens had been officially burned. The new total supply for DTR is now set at 2 billion DTRs.

Burn will stay

We are keeping the burn event but the system is changing for the better. As is adapting to the regulatory landscape, destruction events won’t be performed on a daily basis, but to keep our services satisfactory and worthy of our clients, we are introducing an improved burn system and a favourable fee structure for users.

New fee structure has also prepared a new fee structure with numerous bonuses and discounts awaiting traders and DTR holders. Users can take advantage of lower fees based on the DTR they are holding or 30-day trading volume on all trades. The New Fees & Bonuses structure will bring a lot of bonuses to active traders and dedicated DTR holders. Learn more about the new fee structure.

DTR benefits

With new changes to, we have prepared new benefits for DTR holders. Advances in Fees & Bonus levels will also bring DTR holders:

DTR holders will keep affiliate fee share rates with a maximum of 50%.
A 25% discount on daily Loans fees
Up to 100% volume bonuses when entering trading competitions
Paying trading fees with DTR will bring you an extra 25% fee discount on top of your current level fees

The New Fees & Bonuses program is just the beginning on the list of novelties for holders and traders that is introducing. Stakers will be thrilled to find out that our very own DTR staking program is being considered for development.

Future plans

Licensing is striving to follow up with valuable licensing in the world of crypto. We seek to increase confidence in our operations by acquiring suitable licenses that would bring more trust to our clients.

USA market, here we come!

Opening trades to the US market is both challenging and important for operations. That is why we are working on meeting all the necessary requirements to open the US market for our clients.

Beginner-friendly platform

We are preparing more features for the future and existing clientele with a special focus on crypto beginners who are only getting to know the world of crypto trading. With the upcoming changes, will provide a smoother user-experience for crypto beginners.

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