hosts the second trading competition.

To celebrate LanaCoin's 4th birthday, we are thrilled to announce the LANA trading competition! will hold the LANA trading competition on June 16, 2020, at 12 UTC, where you can show off your trading skills and the top 10 traders with the highest trading volume will win the total reward pool of 2,000,000 LANA.

Trading competition information:

  • Competition is open to anyone interested in trading.
  • The winner is the trader with the highest trading volume on the LANA/USDT market.

Trading contest duration:
16 June 2020 to 16 July 2020.

Rewards will be distributed after the competition ends.
1st position - 1,000,000 LANA + Ledger NanoS + GenesisDeck PlayCryptoCards
2nd position - 500,000 LANA + Ledger NanoS
3rd position - 250,000 LANA + GenesisDeck PlayCryptoCards
4-13th position - 25,000 LANA each

Claiming the additional rewards for places 1-3 is optional and will require your shipping address for delivery. Delivery of physical items to the shipping address provided is done by the competition organizer. Winners will need to open a support ticket / Competitions and provide their shipping address in the next 48h, after if the winners choose to do so

LANA coin

LanaCoin is one of the first personalized blockchain-based cryptocurrencies created in 2016. LanaCoin is an open-source, decentralized, permissionless digital cryptocurrency with its own p2p blockchain network. LANA has a target block time of 2.5 minutes and a 4MB block size limit. This makes it ideal for micropayments, daily transactions and social tipping. LANA was created in May 2016 as a unique birthday present and a simple social experiment with no predefined roadmap or whitepaper. Since genesis block, 4 years have passed while LANA blockchain has grown in size, node count and is gaining new members. LANA has no developer premine, had no ICO or similar crowdfunding and was brought to life with pure organic interest from the open-source cryptocurrency community. Its community is discovering Lana use cases on a daily basis while no permission is required from LanaCoin founder or core team. Lana is and will remain a fully community-driven project despite the fact it has a known founder.

LANA’s mission is to be a fast and cost-efficient digital currency that offers newcomers an easy and inexpensive learning curve into the world of blockchain technologies and p2p payments.

For more information about LanaCoin check the market data

The purpose of the trading competition is to enable anyone a chance to show off their trading skills. Trading is an application of short-term strategies to maximize returns. Bring your best game and earn a reward for your expertise.

How to access trading competition leaderboard

Trading competition overview will be accessible under Features and will include a list of all users competitions, history and rewards collected.

Join the trading competition

Terms & Conditions

  • Trading competition starts on 16 June 2020 at 12 UTC and ends on 16 July 2020 at 12 UTC.
  • Participation is automatic for everyone trading on the LANA/USDT market and requires no action
  • Traders will be ranked based on the total trading volume during the competition period. It doesn't matter if you are a maker, taker, buyer, or seller.
    Trading Volume” is summed together from all user's trading accounts on the LANA/USDT trading pair and converted to USD based on current prices.
  • Rewards will be distributed automatically after the competition ends and will be credited to traders main account.
  • We are unable to distribute rewards to customer accounts that are frozen, closed, or based in a country from our restricted countries list. For further details, please refer to our Terms of Service.
  • The rules of the promotion shall be subject to final interpretative decision and we reserve the right to disqualify any person who is known or suspected to be cheating or violating any rules and regulations set by
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