Dear community,

please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Nejc Bukovec, the new COO of As of May 2019, I took over the management of I am confident that our future cooperation will be successful in order to build good business and partner relations. My goal is to upgrade the foundation of the vision of Damian Merlak, which represents a 2.5% market share and make sure that becomes a trusted global player.

I will stimulate the winning mentality and targeted action in the common good in each of us, because I believe that successful cooperation requires a common solution to the challenges and the opportunities in the future. In this regard, the ambition and innovation of every individual within the company will be at the forefront. With the members of the development team we are accelerating the overwhelming features of the existing platform.The Market Making represents the beginning of the development of a new product and more new interesting features to come. In addition, the new mobile app for with some exciting features is almost here.

And we are just getting started people - Little things make big things happen!

I believe that the community is a key ingredient on the way to success, so I formed a team of Digital Marketing Professionals who will take care of all communication channels through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, etc., because I want to provide all users of with the best user experience and establish a quality, open and two-way dialogue with them. New opportunities in the company will be given to every crypto-educated individuals who live the vision and values of "", and with their work and commitment, they are affiliated with our company.

I am looking forward to our joint journey.

Letter from the COO

Community Q&A with Nejc Bukovec

Questions were asked by Official Telegram group members.

Telegram Members (later TM): There have been numerous examples of teams not wanting to put their token on because of the fact that it is not on CMC. What are you going to do to fix this? At least 50 exchanges have been added since went live. What are they doing that is not doing?

Nejc Bukovec (later NB): has sent numerous requests to CoinMarketCap, but they have always fallen on deaf ears. Despite our compliance with all of their listing requirements, our requests have never been approved or rejected. In the past month, I have been in contact with them again, and this time I want our cooperation to move in the right direction.

TM: What is doing to increase user base?

NB: I believe that the community is a key ingredient on the way to success, so I formed a team of Digital Marketing Professionals who will take care of all communication channels. In order to increase the user base, we created a blog and translated the website into 9 other languages. We are rationally allocating marketing budget and our approach is based on technological solutions. Every day we are developing innovative advances for how to target specific groups and promote our platform, both outside and within crypto community.

TM: Tokens ICO marketed heavily to the USA, but when it came time to open the exchange the USA was left out?

NB: Being present in the United States market is on our daily agenda. The United States of America is a huge market, but unfortunately, the regulatory barriers are just as huge, therefore, it is premature to provide concrete time frames.

TM: Why is DTRV supply not exposed (hidden)?

NB: DTR Voice supply is not publicly disclosed due to company decision.

TM: When do you plan to release mobile app?

NB: We are finalizing application development, with the plan to release this summer. You will be notified about the exact release date of the application.

TM: Will timespan between listings be all the time 20+ days?

NB: The timespan is decided based on development team availability and current voting interest.

TM: How will you increase volume/liquidity?

NB: In order to increase the volume and liquidity on our platform we have to increase the number of active users. The challenge is to attract new users before we reach sufficient levels of volume. That’s why we’re tackling this issue from both sides - our marketing team is working on attracting new users while our development team is launching market making bots and other features that will help boost liquidity in the order books.

TM: Will you implement trailing stop and stop limit orders like is on Bitstamp?

NB: This functions are foreseen in the platform and will be implemented when we complete the implementation of features, which we think are more important in the short term and therefore have a higher development priority.

TM: Are you planning some referral program for onboarding new users?

NB: Yes, we plan to open a referral program for onboarding new users.

TM: How will earn profit if all collected from fees is destroyed?

NB: Currently, we use funds collected in the ICO for the company's operations. In the future, we will support the growth of the company with new, already provided sources of financing, which will bring revenues for the functioning of the platform.

TM: How large is team? Do you prefer full time staff or outsourced staff?

NB: We are constantly looking and searching for good programmers which are hard to find.

TM: How did your first week as COO look like?

NB: With the CEO of Tokens, Damian Merlak, we jointly founded the Quantum project, which merged with a year ago. Even before taking over the function of COO, I knew the company and the functioning of well, since I was actively involved in its development from the very beginning. So I immediately started upgrading the platform with new features.

TM: Are you in touch with the CEO DM on regular basis?

NB: A homogeneous and integrated team of employees at is imperative, because I believe that people who are connected and in good relations will also achieve good results. Me and Merlak daily review the progress of the platform and talk about further business decisions.

TM: Are we going to see KYC verification system on in 2019?

NB: We plan to delay a mandatory KYC verification system for as long as possible, as this negatively impacts the registration of new platform users. In my opinion, will not require an improved KYC verification system in 2019 to register new users for trading purposes.

TM: There has been a lot of drama with exchanges and security like tokens. How do you plan to tackle this issue? Will you just restrict trading of these types of tokens to geo based traders or will you delist a token if it is deemed a security?

NB: Regulators such as FCA have only recently started to differentiate utility tokens from securities. While they have issued regulatory guidance, the laws have not been put into place yet in the jurisdictions where operates. As a measure of self regulation, access to our platform is already restricted based on geo location. For example, we do not currently allow access to US traders altogether due to regulatory requirements. Delisting certain assets is a radical measure and we will only resort to that only if and when it will be mandated by law in the jurisdictions where operates.

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