To achieve higher levels and receive bonuses and numerous discounts on fees, you can choose between two options:

Holding DTR on your account.
Increasing your 30-day trading volume

Option A: Holding DTR

If you are holding DTR tokens, you are eligible to achieve a higher level

You need to keep DTR in your account, no locking is required.
All accounts (including sub-accounts), are eligible for level upgrades based on your total DTR balance.
Snapshot of total DTR balance is taken every 24 hours after 00:00 UTC

Example: With 200,000 DTR tokens at the time the snapshot is taken, you will be upgraded to Level 3.

Go to your Fees & Bonuses page to check the benefits that DTR offers.

Option B: 30-day Trading Volume

Your cumulative 30-day trading volume brings you lower fees and additional bonuses.

30-day trading volume is reevaluated every day after 00:00 UTC and your level is adjusted accordingly
Fee discount and bonuses apply as soon as you achieve the required trading volume. Level will be upgraded after 00:00 UTC.

Example: If your average 30-day trading volume is equal to or higher than 250,000, you will be Level 4. Every level you reach offers more rewards, bonuses and discounts on fees — the more active you are in trading, the closer you are to the next level.

Check what benefits your current 30-day trading volume brings you.

Additional Bonuses with Level Upgrades

You can become eligible for additional bonuses either by holding DTR or by increasing your 30-day trading volume.

Affiliate program bonus

Depending on your level, you can earn from 30% to 50% commissions every time your friends make a trade on

Example: If your DTR balance surpasses 200,000 tokens or your 30-day trading volume is equal to or higher than $100,000, you will be Level 3 and receive a 45% commission from the affiliate program.

Loan discount

You can get up to a 25% discount on the Daily Loans fee depending on your level. Loans discount applies automatically, no action needed.

Example: If your DTR balance is set at 400,000 tokens or your 30-day trading volume is equal to or greater than $250,000, you will become eligible for Level 4 and your daily loan fee discount will be 20%. With a 20% discount, you can have your regular daily Loans fee reduced from 0.0355% to 0.0284% daily.

Competition bonus

Entering a competition at a higher level brings you up to a 100% volume bonus on trading volumes generated during the competition. Level changes after the competition has started do not affect your bonus.

Example: If you are trading $100,000 in a trading competition, you will be Level 3, which means that you will become eligible for 30% bonuses, which will award you $130,000 trading volume. The higher the level you achieve, the higher the percentage.

Pay with DTR for Lower Fees

Use your DTR to pay the trading fees and get a 25% discount on top of your current fees. You can enable the DTR fee discount for Main and Sub-accounts of your choice.

Example: If you are Level 5, your current fees for trading will be 0.07% for makers and 0.09% for takers. On top of your existing discounts and bonuses, you will get a 25% if you use DTR to cover your trading fees, which will lower your fees further to 0.0525% and 0.0675%.

Go to your Fees & Bonuses page to enable your 25% fee discount.

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