is a dutch website providing the latest information on all bigger cryptocurrencies and exchanges. At, we love to support great informational resources and to keep our dutch customers informed, we have found a great connection.

The flood of information in crypto space is quite unbearable and searching for a knowledgeable crypto community in your mother tongue can be challenging. Many collectives are discussing the blockchain, so when you need a medium for getting unbiased news in your language, you might face a challenge. The Netherlands is home to one of the oldest stock exchanges and dutch involvement in the cryptocurrency market is only reasonable. If you speak dutch, is one of the dutch websites covering Bitcoin news and reports following standards of journalism but also offering you solid educational resources on major cryptocurrencies. is a news portal delivering the latest crypto news.

The website is clean, and visitors can choose from the latest news displayed on the front page or dig deeper and learn about all major cryptocurrencies in their mother tongue. To empower visitors searching for a good exchange, their second tab is dedicated to cryptocurrency exchanges. The team behind the news portal is well-aware of the importance of choosing the right crypto exchange so they offer in-depth reviews of major exchanges. Their exchange overview portrays the latest cryptocurrency exchanges and presents their noteworthy features to bring crypto closer to everyone. is a well-known source in the Netherlands

Cryptocurrencies are a relatively young industry, and their comprehension relies on the medium. Majority of trustworthy cryptocurrency websites are written in English, and if you are not a well-trained speaker, news sites in other languages are of great help. exchange is translated into ten languages, and we always look to connect with websites that provide substantial resources for the users. is a well-known source in the Netherlands, and we look forward to our collaboration. Hopefully, dutch crypto followers will enjoy exchange on review on the site.

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