As of October 2020, is partnering with one of the biggest crypto liquidity providers, known to have more than 20 years of experience in traditional financial markets. The partnership is expected to bring more value, trust and liquidity to the platform and our respective clients. The main goal behind this partnership is to provide our clients with a frictionless experience in trading cryptocurrency, as well as to introduce more liquidity and improve clients’ interaction with cryptocurrency trading.

What is a Liquidity Provider?

As a middleman in cryptocurrency trading, a liquidity provider facilitates liquidity for both buyers and sellers on the trading platform. Liquidity providers operate by filling order books, enabling larger quantities of cryptocurrencies to be traded. As a result of such an interaction, liquidity providers enable less price impact on crypto trades. Fluctuation levels in pricing when selling and buying crypto are lower due to the mediation of a liquidity provider. The model of a liquidity provider is brought from traditional finance, providing more stability in the crypto market.

How Is This Partnership Going to Improve Trading on

With the prominent partnership between and a major liquidity provider, trading cryptocurrency on our platform will become more optimized for trading larger amounts of cryptocurrency and bigger crypto assets. This improvement will make the platform more attractive and compelling to new clients and institutional traders. Simultaneously, joining forces with the leading liquidity provider will reduce slippage when buying and selling, which means that traders will have more opportunities to receive intended exchange rates for their trades.

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