Step 1: Account Registration

You must register and log into your account on in to participate in an IEO. If you already have an account, click Log in. If you need to make an account, type in your email address and click Register. You will need to agree to the Terms and Conditions to proceed. Read detailed instructions on how to create an account on .

Step 2: Deposit Funds

If you have Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another cryptocurrency in your wallet, you can type your wallet address into the address field to make a deposit. For detailed instructions on how to make a deposit read our tutorial. You can also buy Bitcoin and Ethereum with Visa, MasterCard, or SEPA bank transfer to make a deposit. Learn more about how to use fiat currency to buy crypto with’s fiat gateway tutorial.

Step 3: Access Launchpad

To access the Launchpad and check out the IEO campaigns and projects hosted on, click on Launchpad in the top menu.

Step 4: Launchpad

When you access the Launchpad, you can browse through the hosted projects. All projects will show a status—Open or Finished—with the project’s information about the supply, currency, and summary of the project’s goal. You can use filters to find IEO projects through available categories. You can view all projects (All), open projects (Open), announced projects (Scheduled) , and finished projects (Finished).

Step 5: Project Overview

When you choose a project you like, click on the project to access detailed information. Each project will have comprehensive information listing the following data:

  • Total round supply. Total round supply shows how many IEO tokens have been pledged as a percentage and displays the amount sold and the number of remaining tokens for the session.
  • Amount sold. Amount sold shows the number of tokens pledged within a round.
  • Remaining amount. Remaining amount displays the number of tokens left for pledging.
  • Available currencies. Available currencies shows which cryptocurrency is supported for a given project’s token sale, informing investors of which cryptocurrency they can use to participate in IEO fundraising.
  • Supply. Supply shows the maximum number of tokens that are to be issued (i.e., the total token supply).
  • Soft cap. Soft cap showcases how much the project’s team is planning to raise through crowdfunding, showing the absolute minimum the team is looking to get from fundraising, as opposed to a higher financial goal that is displayed in the hard cap.
  • Hard cap. The hard cap is achieved after the soft cap, and it shows the maximum amount that the team behind an IEO project is planning to raise from the fundraising campaign. The hard cap is the highest amount of funds the team would like to see collected through the campaign or round.
  • Price (token price). Price shows the price of the token when the IEO opens its first and initial funding on Launchpad.
  • Start time. Start time displays time and date that the token sale starts.

Users can access detailed information and gain insight into a project’s objectives and goals through Overview. Overview represents a brief guide of the project. Another section where information is located on the page is Requirements. Here you can check the token sale details and conditions you need to fulfil before you can buy IEO tokens.

Users need to complete KYC verification to participate in IEO fundraising. The KYC verification process is mandatory, but users only need to complete this verification once.

Step 6: KYC Verification

  • Access the KYC verification form on the Overview page by clicking on Complete KYC. Verification is mandatory to gain access to IEO investing. To start the verification process, enter your personal information. All information is kept private and serves the purpose of identity verification on
  • You will be prompted to enter the personal information from your identity document and upload images of your official, government-issued document. Users can upload an image of their passport, government-issued national ID, or driver’s license. To make a successful image upload, read the instructions carefully and upload images as written—front and back of the document and a selfie while holding the document in a way that the user’s face, document, handwritten timestamp, and are all visible in the selfie.
    Warning: For an upload to be successful, all uploaded images must be in high quality, which means that images need to be clearly visible without blurred parts, filters, or cuts. Users also need to note that not all dimensions of uploaded images are acceptable.
  • To confirm compliance with our Anti-Money Laundering provisions, users must provide PEP consent. There are several questions within the PEP consent that need to be answered with “Yes” or “No” to successfully complete the KYC process.

Step 7: Buying

After KYC verification has been completed, Confirm Pledge option will appear on the page, allowing you to participate in an IEO. Every project has accepted currencies listed in Overview, so you can choose your preferred currency. Insert the amount you wish to pledge and click Confirm. You can always add more funds to the pledge by your deposit if you want to get more tokens.

Step 8: Confirm Pledge

After clicking Confirm, you will be asked to confirm once more. The page will show the pledged amount and the approximate number of tokens you will receive. Note that the exact amount you will get will be displayed after your final confirmation. Due to market volatility, the received amount displayed is approximate, and the exact amount will be displayed on the next page, representing the final amount received.

Step 9: Confirmation

The page will display the final amount you are depositing after you have confirmed your purchase. After IEO crowdfunding rounds are finished, users will see their purchased tokens displayed in their balance. If the investing round is deemed unsuccessful, the pledged amount will be returned to the user. Before purchased tokens are displayed in balances, users can check their purchase under Launchpad Transaction History.

Step 10: Check the Status or History of Your IEO

On Launchpad Transaction History, you can check all your completed pledges, including information about the token you have bought, as well as the status of your purchases.

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