Dear community and clients,

Here announced are the sole official web resources:

If you access these pages frequently, please bookmark them or type in the web address manually to reduce the probability of encountering a fake website.

Any other website must be considered both a scam and a fraud, also false impersonation and a community-driven resource not moderated or administered by team.

Inform yourself How to avoid scammers and what are reliable practices to avoid Phishing attacks. will never:

  • team will never ask you for your ClientID over the social media channels. Keep your ClientID a secret.
  • team will never ask you for your password. Do not give your password to anyone asking for it.

What you should do:

  • All account-related matters must be addressed via the platform support portal or by official contact emails listed here:
  • Set up the Anti-Phishing message. You can do that here:
  • Always check emails, if they originate from or email domain.
  • Consider adding PGP to your email.
  • Only use the official Mobile App.
  • Use API keys cautiously. Sharing your API private key is the same as sharing your account password.
  • Before you give out any sensitive information, confirm you are communicating with the team. Strange offers are easily verified with the support team.
  • Don’t Trust, Verify.

Any current and future promotional activities organized by or in cooperation are announced on the previously listed platforms, exchange platform notification system and via the email system.

Why are we writing this?

Our client security and privacy are of the highest importance to us. However, do not lower your guard.

Unfortunately, scams in crypto are common. We are not happy about it but acknowledging the fact, makes us all better prepared to avoid the next one. As soon as the price of cryptocurrency rises, so do many who look to take advantage of stealing your account information. is working hard to prevent as many impostors as possible, but because of the value of cryptocurrencies, complete control is perverse. support team is here to help. Contact us and verify if you encounter any difficulty.

How to report a scammer?

Always stay vigilant, but if you anyway fall victim to a scam or suspect a scammer is in contact with you, please submit a support ticket providing as many details as possible with regards to your matter. But have in mind we are not a bank, and we need you to understand that we cannot act like one.

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