is always on a lookout for complementary tools for traders to make smarter trades. This time we present, a webpage that allows users to practice out a trading strategy to carry it out later on crypto exchanges. At TradingSim, they believe great traders are made - not born, and we could not agree more.

What is Tradingsim?

Trading is a profession. However, now there are enough online resources available that can teach every person professional trading. You can always reread some of the trading classics we gather on our blog and search for trading courses, but practice makes perfect. You might wonder why simulation is relevant if you set orders as low as 0.0001 BTC (10,000 satoshis) on a real exchange? Because you should make money on paper as well as on the market. Having a strategy is one thing, but for successful implementation, practice makes all the difference. For greater amounts, traders backtest their strategies because it is important to observe the result of performed theoretical implementations if you would already deploy such trading strategy. Backtesting is essential for effective trading system development and simulators are perfect tools to do so. That is why at, we encourage users to be open to learning new strategies, and to test them by practising first in a stress-free and risk-free environment before hitting the real markets.

TradingSim is a web-based trading software that helps create profitable retail traders by providing tools and educational resources. Their service is easy to use trading simulator, empowering traders for better trades. Features of their service include:

trading practice to improve performance,
testing strategies in bull or bear markets at any given day,
access to real data as far as two years of a historical tick,
fast forward to simulate a week of trading in less than an hour,
full customization of technical indicators.

Without the need for a brokerage account, TradingSim features prove to be a great alternative to popular Yahoo Finance API. For an even easier switch from the simulator to real markets use charting engine TradingView. Being a good trader is made up of knowledge and experience. And there is no better way to get experience without risking a penny.


The cryptocurrency market is open to everyone. Anyone can participate in trading cryptocurrency and to trade like a pro, practice is essential. Regardless of the initial training, TradingSim is an excellent resource to any traders skillset.

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