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Trading cryptocurrency involves a high level of volatility as the market of digital assets is yet to mature based on its historical data for the past several years, which is why beginners, especially those who don’t have any experience in trading stocks and similar assets, may have trouble finding their way around. offers a wide range of trading tools for beginners and more experienced traders as well as tutorials and traders’ glossary in order to help new traders step into the game equipped with knowledge and needed skills. The main goal for every trader is to score returns on investments (ROI) and since every and any trade carries a certain dose of risk, scoring returns is not always easy. By observing liquidity, volatility, trading volumes and other essential data metrics, traders can later form technical analysis, sentiment analysis and fundamental analysis – all of which are due to help traders determine the most favorable positions in the market by including different aspects of trading and counting on valuable data metrics. teaches traders and newcomers how to calculate their profits and losses, how to determine their positions, how to decide when it’s the right time to sell and buy, as well as enabling account users to take advantage of advanced and sophisticated tools for trading. Traders may trade cryptocurrency directly on the exchange with dozens of available cryptos and tokens to invest in – all while offering handy tutorials that cover all important aspects of trading digital assets.

McAfee Claims that Crypto Companies Aren’t Due to Resolve Crypto-related Crimes Individually

John McAfee is known by more than several controversial statements, while this cyber-security guru was even better known by the anti-virus security software he created and developed at the end of the 1980s, which made McAfee one of the top names in the sector. McAfee is also known as an active proponent of cryptocurrency and all forms of blockchain applications, as well as digital assets, which makes it no wonder that one of the McAfee’s latest statements goes in favor of the extent of responsibility that cryptocurrency companies have in resolving crypto-related crimes. McAfee made a statement where he openly expressed the opinion that cryptocurrency companies shouldn’t be dealing with crypto-related crime on their own.

According to McAfee, relying on cryptocurrency firms to individually solve problems of illicit activities that concern the entire sector is unrealistic, while adding that the government should take care of cryptocurrency crimes instead of having crypto businesses dealing with criminals. As McAfee stated, governments can place the responsibility of resolving and preventing crime on entrepreneurs as they would be relying on business to prevent future crimes from happening. Even though ex cyber-security guru argues on how involved crypto firms should be when it comes to developing security to prevent crime, some cryptocurrency companies are already taking matters into their own hands and are creating systems for protecting crypto-based operations.

Bitcoin Cash Upgrade Arrived: What to Expect from the Latest BCH Upgrade?

Bitcoin Cash, one of the top Bitcoin forks, has went through a new upgrade on November 15th with the goal of adding two new features to the consensus protocol Bitcoin Cash is using. The previous ruleset of BCH consensus had been changed with the prepared upgrade code in order to add two new rules to BCH consensus. The first rule that went live with the latest upgrade states that executed push opcodes are restricted to pose as the minimal form of the stack element during script execution. The second rule that came as a form of consensus upgrade is also related to script execution and involves the decoding of stack elements in form of numbers to be restricted in order to enable minimal forms in most cases. Bitcoin Cash team is actively working on upgrades that are unique to Bitcoin Cash even though BCH is running on Bitcoin’s original code, that way increasing the block size and changing consensus rules by adding new rules. As a result, Bitcoin Cash is looking into enabling increased functionality on the network.

Verge (XVG) Surges in Price and Trading Volumes After PayPal Cuts Payouts for Pornhub Models

Pornhub, the biggest platform for adult entertainment that also partnered a prominent cryptocurrency project known by the name Verge (XVG) announced that PayPal, the famous online payment service, stopped servicing over 100,000 Pornhub models. PayPal is not available as a payment method for payouts when it comes to servicing models that earn their bread and butter through Pornhub, which means that XVG gets a chance to step in as an alternative payment method. Ever since the news broke out, Verge (XVG) showcased a flattering rise, not only in the market price, but also in trading volumes. Since PayPal restricted their services for Pornhub, XVG gained 33% of value in the market in addition to scoring 168% surge in trading volume for the mentioned period. Verge became official partners with Pornhub back in April 2018, veiled by immense hype that brought a flattering surge to XVG at the time before seeing the crypto dropping back down after the hype was over. Since XVG is one of the available payment methods on Pornhub, trading volumes may continue to rise now that PayPal is out of the picture.

BIP 324 Message Transport Protocol Might Be the Next Big Thing for Bitcoin (BTC)

A Switzerland-based Bitcoin developer and co-founder of Shift Cryptosecurity known as Jonas Schnelli, created a new message transport protocol for Bitcoin, called BIP 324. BIP 324 was released in March 2019 and is set to resolve the problem of communication with Bitcoin peers. Bitcoin is defined as a peer-to-peer system, which makes P2P an essential part of the network. One of the major problems with P2P network used by Bitcoin is seen in the lack of enforced encryption in the messaging layer, which is why Schnelli proposes BIP 324 as a viable solution for prevention of man-in-the-middle attacks (MITM) to which Bitcoin system is susceptible.

Due to the lack of encryption in the messages exchanged between Bitcoin peers, third parties may attack the network in order to track data exchanged across the network, that way accessing sensitive transaction information and jeopardizing Bitcoin’s anonymity. To resolve this issue and make the network more secure, Schnelli created BIP 324, which has the ability to notify peers in case they happen to become the victims of the man-in-the-middle attack.

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