MyEtherWallet is Adding the New Dai Collateral

MyEtherWallet (MEW), announced adding the new Dai Collateral via official post on Twitter, stating that Maker Dao had just launched the new multi-collateral Dai (MCD). Maker Dao has made more than several new changes, also in terms of rebranding some of their features. MyEtherWallet announced that the support for the upcoming migration will arrive for the new Dai collateral on November 26th. Maker Dao created an official press release on Medium, stating that the new multi-collateral Dao will be now known as the original Dao as a part of the rebranding process, while Collateralized Debt Positions, by far known as CDPs, will be known as Vaults. Single Collateral Dai (Dai today) will be known as Sai. Furthermore, new changes are bringing new collaterals – by far Dai supported only ETH as a collateral, while Maker Dao voters will be deciding the new collaterals that need to be added. The company behind MKR and Dai will be releasing details on the migration process, while users can start with migration ahead of the announced support from MEW. In the meantime, MyEtherWallet is making efforts in creating a more private and anonymous environment for wallet users by adding new features, also revealing that around 40 hack attempts are prevented every week on MEW.

100 Million Euros Invested by EIF in AI and Blockchain Initiative

European Investment Fund (EIF) and the European Commission announced starting a brand-new initiative for Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain in Europe. European Investment Fund shared an official release stating that EIF and European Commission are launching an investment scheme for Europe, announcing that 100 million euros will be made available for investors and venture capital funds set to support the research and capitalization of Artificial Intelligence and blockchain-based products and services.

EIF and European Commission also expect to see private investors bringing at least additional 300 million euros based on the existing cornerstone investments. The initiative won’t be based on development, but rather on research, where Western Europe is looking into investing around 674 million dollars in blockchain technology, which would place it as the second in line after the US with investments of 1.1 billion dollars, and ahead of China with 319 million dollars set aside for blockchain-based investments.

Crypto Loans on Celsius Platform Achieved the Milestone of 4.25 Billion Dollars

Celsius Network, a cryptocurrency platform with available lending service where users can deposit collaterals in order to take loans, announced reaching 4.25 billion dollars in the period of a bit over than a year. Since 2018 in July when the company started with operations, Celsius Platform scored 2.2 billion dollars in loans only a month after officially opening the company for business, moreover scoring a flattering increase of 93% since August 2019 to November 2019. With the latest calculations of present Bitcoin prices in the market, Celsius Platform claims to have scored 4.25 billion dollars in crypto loans, adding that the company is operating with 450 million dollars represented as deposits and collaterals under management, which showcases another 50% increase since August 2019 when the company reported 300 million dollars in deposits and loan collaterals.

The crypto loan business is booming as you can find more platforms which offer crypto loans in exchange for collaterals. crypto lending service (called Loans) enables users to borrow any amount in accordance with collateral user is leaving in exchange. accepts DTR as collateral, while users can borrow USDT and EURS in exchange. The crypto lending service is available for all users with active accounts on

Phineas Fisher is Offering a 100,000$ Bounty in Monero (XMR) and Bitcoin (BTC) to Hackers

One of the infamous hackers, known for hacker attacks conducted on surveillance companies, published a new manifesto where he announced a new program called “Hacktivist Bug Hunting Program”. Apparently, Phineas Fisher promises 100,000$ as a reward for hackers who are able to perform and conduct politically-motivated hack attacks, categorizing these attacks as public interest hacks. The idea is to attack any kind of a company which full disclosure of documents could have a use to the public. Some examples that were carried out in the manifesto were Israeli spyware vendor called NSO Group, livestock and mining companies in South America, as well as Halliburton oil company. Fisher stated that he will be paying the bounty in Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) .

The infamous hacker stated in the manifesto that he is not trying to make anyone rich, but is instead trying to provide a compensation for hackers who are using their abilities to do good. By “doing good”, Fisher is referring to the fact that he is paying a bounty to have the hackers release documents that would be of public interest and that could benefit the society in general. In general, Fisher is actually paying a bounty to encourage criminal activities, which wouldn’t be the first time that this infamous hacktivist is playing for the other side of the law. Previously, Fisher stole data from British-German surveillance vendor, also managing to hack the servers of an Italian company Hacking Team. Hacking Team works on creating hacking and surveillance for the police all over the world, while Fisher exposed all of their secrets to the public.

Bitcoin (BTC) Touches a New 6-Month Low Price with 7,000$

On November 22nd, Bitcoin touched a new low for the period of the last six months, trading at the lowest value since May 2019. By dropping to touch 7,000$, Bitcoin might continue to drop further until it finds support in 6,800$. In case support would lead to a reversal trend, Bitcoin could have a brief rise in the value before dropping below the initial support levels. Bitcoin might also encounter a short-term bullish reversal where the top trading crypto could score the price above 8,000$ in the following period ahead of 2020, however, Bitcoin’s RSI fell to the lowest point since March 2019. The low RSI which fell below 50 and to 43, indicates that Bitcoin is going through a bearish phase as newly arriving trends are cutting the value of BTC in the market. As the bearish momentum is gaining on strength, it is evident that Bitcoin might fall below the initial six-month low of a bit above 7,000$. In accordance with intraday charts on Bitcoin’s momentum in the market, BTC may briefly rise to the value of 7,700$ or 7,800$ before it drops back to touch support at 6,800$ from where the crypto could rise back up before giving into the bearish momentum that seems to be ruling the market.

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