Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR)

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What is Dynamic Trading Rights?
Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR) is a Tokens.net cryptocurrency exchange token. It is an ERC-20 token on the Ethereum blockchain that launched in 2017. DTR’s prime utility is a fee settlement system on the exchange. Another use case is collateral for Tokens.net’s loans feature. To maximise the exchange’s trading volume transparency, the revenue stream collected from fees serves the cryptographical destruction of accumulated tokens using the smart contract.

DTR is not mineable. At its launch, the total token supply was 3,750,000,000 DTR, and it steadily decreases according to the volume of the exchange.

Technology & Supply

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Currency Type Token
Proof Type Not mineable
Total Supply 2,000,000,000 DTR
Circulating Supply 1,623,057,143 DTR

How DTR Is Used?

The amount of DTR charged as a trading fee is determined based on the DTR market price at the time of the trade. For token holders, transactions are based on the best ask price, ignoring market depth. Non-DTR users are charged a proportional fee in the currency they are trading in. Trading fees not paid in DTR are collected in the base currency of the trading pair and automatically exchanged for DTR using at-market buy orders in the background.

How to Buy DTR?

A most accessible and convenient way to buy DTR is on the Tokens.net exchange. Users can exchange BTC for DTR, ETH for DTR, USDT for DTR or EURS for DTR.

What Is DTR Burn?

DTR that is used to pay trading fees supports Tokens.net’s greater trading volume transparency, which is achieved through destruction events, also known as DTR burn. Destroyed tokens become permanently untouchable and unavailable for further transfers, consequently decreasing the total supply of tokens. DTR tokens are burnt via the smart contract burn function. This way, anyone can easily verify if the burn occurred, when it happened, and the number of tokens burnt.

Biggest Destruction Events to Date

In 2019, Tokens.net celebrated its first year of operation. To celebrate, it organised its biggest destruction event. A staggering 1.125 billion DTR were cryptographically destroyed, resulting in 30% shrinkage of the total DTR token supply

IIn 2020, the second-largest burn happened when 482,507 DTR were destroyed as a result of record-high trading volumes.

How much DTR is waiting to be burnt and the number of burnt DTR to date can always be checked by visiting the DTR real-time counter.

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