What is the amount of DTR to be issued?

Maximum supply of DTR is limited to 3.75B.

What amount of DTR shall be distributed to ICO backers?

ICO backers shall receive maximum 1.5B DTR.

What is Tokens.net?

Our solution is a next generation cryptocurrency trading platform, introducing Dynamic Trading Rights to revolutionise current trading environment, by providing trustworthy, safe and reliable operations and compliance.

What is the price of DTR?

DTR price is set to 0.01 USD.

Can you show an example of DTR purchase?

For 2 BTC paid at exchange rate 7,500 USD/BTC you will get 2 * 7,500 / 0.01 = 1.5 M DTR

When does ICO end?

ICO ends on December 6, 2017 or when Hard Cap of $15M is reached.

When shall buyers receive DTR tokens?

DTR shall be distributed in 7 days after ICO ends.

Will DTR be issued successively?

No. All DTR will be issued at the same time.

Do you need to own DTR to trade?

No. If you do not own DTR at the time of the trade the platform automatically purchases DTR in the background.

Who collects the fee paid for a trade?

The fee is collected by the platform to buy back DTR tokens.

When does the network buy DTR from collected trading fees?

Trading fees will be bought in batches (either defined by time interval or size, subject to policy).

What happens with DTR purchases from collected trading fees?

DTR are collected at a segregated account and destroyed periodically.

How will I notice DTR is being destroyed?

Amount of DTR in circulation will decrease and the destruction transaction will be seen on the Ethereum network.

How are DTR being destroyed?

DTR tokens will be destroyed by calling a burn() function on a DTR smart contract.

Who will provide information on DTR purchase and destruction?

The platform will provide such information in a transparent way which will be auditable by the community.

What will be the trading fee?

Trading fees will be specified for each trading pair, subject to platform’s policy.

If you do not own DTR, in which currency one will pay for the trading fee?

Trading fee will be collected from the native (domestic) currency in a trading pair.

How do you envisage revenue stream for the Company?

The Company shall earn revenue from additional services whilst running the platform.

Will DTR be listed on any third party exchange?

Our goal is to get as many DTR holders as possible. Therefore, we are aiming to list our DTR on various third party exchanges. DTR will be listed on Tokens platform.

What happens if there are no DTR to buy?

Based on demand and supply rule this cannot happen. There will always be certain quantity of DTR offered by the Company.