Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR) ERC20 Token Information

What are Dynamic Trading Rights?

  • The utility of the DTR token is through the fee settlement system on the tokens.net crypto exchange
  • If a user does not have DTR holding, the system automatically buys DTR on the market using a collected trading fee liability; if the user owns DTR holding then the system decreases DTR holding for the corresponding DTR fee liability if the user selects this
  • The tokens.net exchange will use 100% of the revenue stream from collected trading fees to purchase DTR on the market and cryptographically destroy them using the smart contract
  • Transparency of the platform may be supervised by following the DTR burn, which equals fees charged times the volume

ICO Characteristics

  • ICO period: November 2017
  • ICO raised funds: USD 15M in 20 days
  • ICO price: 1 DTR = USD 0.01
  • 3750M tokens issued, 1500M distributed to backers


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