April 19, 2019

April Development Update

Dear Users,

Since our last development update we have added several new features and improved some of the existing ones. You can find a short recap of recent developments below:

Email withdrawal confirmations. When a withdrawal is requested we can now send you an email containing a confirmation link for withdrawal approval. This is a opt-in security feature and provides an additional safeguard.

Login from new IP. Whenever a login from a new IP address is detected, a notification email is sent out along with information that helps you determine if the login was legitimate.

Lost Two-factor authentication. We now have an automated Two-factor authentication reset procedure, which can be undertaken by clients with a low risk profile that have a verified phone number. For a minority of clients that fit a higher risk profile, a manual reset procedure will still be necessary.

Anti-Phishing message. This security feature can be enabled in the account settings on the platform. When enabled, a secret message, known only to you and Tokens.net, is added to every email sent out from Tokens.net. It is now easier to tell the difference between real emails and scams, because legitimate emails will always contain the secret message.

Switch from ERC-20 Tether to Omni. We have decided to switch the Tether USDT cryptocurrency integration from ERC-20 to Omni due to a wider adoption rate amongst large exchanges.

Depth chart zoom has been added to the trade view.

Date range filter has been added to transaction history, trades and orders for viewing and for more precise CSV exports.

DTR destruction page has received a minor addition for tracking the current amount of DTR tokens scheduled for destruction.

Updated currency page. A new addition to our front page where you can find details about listed currencies you are interested in. From historical charts, detailed descriptions, global market caps, volumes, latest news from various external sources, and of course available trading pairs on Tokens.net platform.

DTR Voice. Our clients have voted for several new currencies to be added. ARCO, BNB, DOGE and BAT have been listed, while TRX is in the testing phase.

Tokens Team

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