January 22, 2019

January Development Update

Dear Users,

During the last development sprint we have made the following changes which we would like to point out for your convenience, performance improvement and enhanced security.

Access to listing pairs. We have enabled a direct link from Balances to the listing pairs. If you navigate to Balances, currency down arrows are hyperlinked. When clicked, a drop-down menu appears where you can directly navigate to the trading pair. This is a great productivity improvement.

Activity Log. Activity log is another security feature that provides a detailed report on your account use.

API Access IP Lock. Another security feature comes for our clients that use API to mitigate unauthorized third party access.

Export CSV. Withdrawal requests, network transactions, transaction history, trades and orders can now be exported in CSV format.

Fees Payments. If you navigate to Settings, under section Fees, you see your DTR holdings available throughout all your sub-accounts. If "Use DTR to pay fees" is selected then the system will subtract the corresponding amount of DTR from that sub-account when any trade is executed with your liability to pay fees. This only occurs when your DTR account covers the whole fee payment, no partial coverage is possible.

Hide Zero Balances. With growing number of listings hiding a zero balance feature was a natural step to manage your balances more closely. If you navigate to Balances, a check-box has been added "Hide currencies with no balance". If the checkbox is selected, only non-zero balances remain visible.

Market Depth Chart. We added Market Depth Chart to provide graphical representation of the order book for better user experience.

My Watchlist. Watchlist items can now be manually rearranged using drag and drop functionality for keeping your most preferred listing pairs on the top.

Sessions Monitoring. To improve the security Tokens.net has enabled sessions monitoring. If you navigate to Settings, under section Sessions, you see which devices are currently signed into your Tokens.net account, provided your operating system, browser, IP location and activity.

Withdrawal Label. Withdrawal label may be used optionally to add personalized memos. Some find it useful so we have added them.

Withdrawal Request Cancellation. If you swiftly change your mind or during the pending approval phase you may now cancel your withdrawal request. This is only possible until success system message in the status column is shown.

Happy trading in 2019!

Tokens Team