October 18, 2018

October Update - What Have We Been Doing

Five months ago we celebrated a great success with the launch of Tokens.net beta trading platform. The platform was built in just three months, an achievement that nobody believed would be possible. However, we dismissed the sceptics and delivered on our promises. The feedback we received from the community was very positive and although some minor corrections and updates were necessary the platform performed extremely well.

Public launch

Although QA underwent testing throughout all of its services we were occasionally caught off guard by the imagination of our customers who gave us immediate feedback regarding the ways in which they interact with the platform, observe process flows and understand its features and functionalities. This necessitated some minor touches, corrections and updates.

Three months following our beta launch we hit another important milestone. We opened our site to the public on 31 July 2018 and started accepting customers from all over the world. We have since been busier than ever implementing new features, new cryptocurrencies, strengthening our security and signing new business partnerships.

Stasis Euro (EURS)

Tokens.net became one of the first marketplaces that implemented Stasis Euro (EURS) stable coin. This is an accomplishment we are extremely proud of as it proved how quickly and reliably we can respond to new market products and demands.

What have we been doing

We have been adding new currencies and opening new trading pairs on a weekly basis and will continue to do so in the future.

Unfortunately, we also had to make some sacrifices in order to achieve our objectives. Due to the current market situation we decided to postpone the delivery of our mobile app. We strongly believe that its launch at this stage would not add much value to the company. This is why we assigned all our engineers to work on the web platform.

What to expect

We plan to roll out DTR Voice system on 1 November 2018. On this date all our active clients will get 1000 DTR Voices deposited to their Tokens.net account. It will subsequently be possible to use DTR Voices to vote on future cryptocurrency listings and trade them on our platform. All proceeds derived from future sales of DTR Voices will be used to burn Dynamic Trading Rights (DTR).

We will finish our promotional period and start charging fees and burning DTR tokens on 1 December 2018. By that time we plan to have listed more major crypto currency pairs, starting with Monero (XMR) and Ripple (XRP).