April 13, 2018

Tokens Private Beta Launch

Dear backers, supporters, traders, crypto community,
Tokens.net hereby officially announces the completion of the first cryptocurrency exchange milestone.
The beta launch will begin on April 27, 2018.
When can you expect to onboard?
It depends on your profile, namely: Stage 1: Keeping it reserved for a small manageable group during the infancy stage. Stage 2: Extending to certain invitees only to scale geography and expertise. Stage 3: Honouring ICO backers by random direct invitations. Stage 4: Rolling out gradually to beta release subscribers, other direct invitees and referrals. Stage 5: Opening for all with public release.
Can onboarding be altered?
The order or grouping may change depending on our needs and progress.
How long will we run on beta?
We expect the beta testing to last for about two months or until the official general release is announced.
Is beta for real?
Beta is for real. During the beta run, all trades will be live, irreversible and valid.
What can one expect during beta?
The beta version is intended to make the platform flawless, to improve the overall experience, service and quality. You may experience visual changes, repositioning or changes of settings and gradual extension of services.
How will users’ participation be tackled?
Instructions to report will be provided to users exclusively. Since your voice may be heard, please report concisely and timely anything you find material, what you believe may be a bug, or any possible system improvement, service enhancement or feature and functionality proposal.
How do we care about security?
Since we care for the integrity of our platform, security measures will be enforced on various levels.
Will beta offer API service?
API service will be available from the early stages of beta testing and instructions will be provided.
Do we expect to collect fees?
Fee collections will start sometime during the testing, and any fee change will be communicated to users only.
What about DTR destruction?
Once fees become collectable, DTR will be destroyed using burn function of Tokens ERC20 smart contract.
Will we offer any support?
Support will ONLY be offered to registered users and instructions will be provided. We will only respond to topics or initiatives which are relevant for us.