Voting Rules

DTR Voice is used to vote on the next cryptocurrency or token listing by the exchange. DTR Voice holder can decide when to vote and who to support, either one candidate or more, in full or in a preferred portion, but only up to the available holding. If there is no candidate you would support or you have some other suggestions, you may propose your own candidate and the committee will review your proposal and eventually include it amongst candidates.

DTR Voice is tradable, provided it can be disposed or purchased to leverage one’s endorsement.

Voting is conducted in 10-day rounds. Minimum threshold for round to be valid is 20,000 DTRV. The candidate receiving the most DTR Voice, at least 20,000 DTRV, in a round is the winner and will be listed on our platform. If no candidate has 20,000 votes, the round starts again with 10-day countdown. Candidates enter into the next round with the number of votes so far received. Votes do not reset.

DTR Voices commited become the property of the platform and can be offered for sale on the market, at a price and quantity decided at the sole discretion of the platform. All DTR received from such sales will be burned.