Transaction Recovery

Last modified on 27 April 2018 (Version 1.0)
1. General
1.1. This Transaction Recovery (hereinafter: “Transaction Recovery”) is an integral part of Terms provided by platform and cannot, in any way, be separated from them. By using the Terms you automatically agree with Transaction Recovery.
1.2. If any misalignment between Transaction Recovery and Terms, Terms shall prevail.
1.2.1. You are responsible to regularly monitor the deposit and withdrawal mechanism for changes in process and rules and procedures. As the Operator makes changes on the Platform from time to time, included but not limited to making changes to the interface, instructions or procedure, you are obligated to read instructions every time you are conducting deposit or withdrawal very carefully and follow each and every step precisely.
1.2.2. Your first deposit or withdrawal amount should be marginal so you make sure transacted funds land into your account or are received by the beneficiary. Only when you are confident deposit or withdrawal works for you, you may increase the transacted amount. You are fully responsible for any mistakes, errors or defects which may arise in the course of transaction and lead to partial or complete loss of your funds and the Operator shall not be liable nor responsible to make any compensations whatsoever.
1.2.3. In neither case shall the Operator be liable nor responsible for any loss of your funds, no matter during trading or transacting, included but not limited to transfers between your accounts, or when trading, depositing or withdrawing, resulting from your actions or activities, false or improper or erroneous trades, deposits or withdrawals, resulting in your funds being lost, and the Operator shall not compensate you any loss, notwithstanding of the responsibility for the error to occur.
1.2.4. If you decide to participate in an ICO and you want to transfer funds to designated collection address or deposit funds to any other exchange, service or third party or (de)centralized infrastructure, make sure you receive correct and detailed instructions from the other party prior to making any transaction. This rule also applies to your claims, direct or indirect, from ICO or other exchange, service or third party or (de)centralized infrastructure to the Platform. The Operator will not seek or investigate ownership or enter into reimbursements in any cases of such false transactions and in false transactions provided neither case shall the the Operator be liable nor responsible for any loss of your funds.